We as one of the leading casinos in both the online and real world offer the following services to our beloved customers

24x7 Support : The support is mainly for our online customers who have any queries or doubts regarding their online transaction or any information that is needed for a particular game.

Safety of important items

We have an excellent safety locker facility which has five-tier security that is monitored by the world class security experts. The chances of anyone losing any valuables is one in a trillion. Want to bet.

Endless entertainment

Throughout the floor, at various times round the clock, we have certain special items that are presented. They can be dance, music, magic or anything that would entertain you. Apart from this on our arena, we have special shows and events every now and then like magic shows, boxing events, musical nights etc. If you are looking at world class casino, then visit us today or register with us online to get excellent offers on your next visit to our premises.

World class stay

To ensure that our customers have a pleasant time at the casino, we offer excellent star level staying facility. There is an excellent swimming pool on the facility and not to mention the various cuisines that we offer at our restaurant. The bar needs no introduction.

Excellent local tours

We understand that people are accompanied by kids and by law they are not allowed on the casino floor except for transit. In order to facilitate that they do not interfere with the fun that our customers have, we have various package tours that are monitored by the best operators and you need not worry about their safety, they would be accompanied by ex-army personnel who are part of our security.